Bakegyamon เกมปีศาจยันต์มหัศจรรย์ พากย์ไทย: Season 1

Jan. 06, 2021
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Synopsis: Bakegyamon, a magical demon talisman game.
A bizarre competition hosted by demons every 44 years. Year by gathering human children from all over Japan to compete in a game called “Bakegiamon” Sanshiro is a determined, cheerful young boy who loves justice and adventure at heart. Set off on a sea freighter for a holiday trip. But an unexpected event happened to that ship. (Every Ferry ship must capsize!! Ha!!) Download Pc Games Free causing him and Yui, his close female friend, to be separated from each other. A revived Sanshiro meets the mysterious shadow demon Fue, who offers him a chance to join Bakegiamon in a strange world prepared by the demons. The winner will be able to make one wish, and that is the beginning of the story of the brave children’s struggle.